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Website YouTube Video Commercial to boost your website traffic.

Using YouTube Commercials we have another way to help improve the ranking of your website, and this is how it works

YouTube Commercials will create a professional design with voice over and rank it on Google. It is obvious that these days people search Google videos. If you include a YouTube Video on your website, the result is that you are going to be more easily indexed by Google.

Especially when a site is new, it is pretty well invisible to Google at first. Sometimes for a long time. Using one of our YouTube Commercials on your website will help bring it to Google's attention.

In addition there is a belief that quality websites have YouTube videos attached to pages withing your site, as opposed to viewing it on your YouTube channel.

It is very easy to load a YouTube video onto your site. First upload your YouTube Commercial we have designed for you onto your YouTube account, and then download it again onto your site by adding its embedded code that's provided on your youtube channel.

This is how you do it

  • Go to your YouTube account and click on upload.
  • To imbed your video, click imbed, below the video, choose the size to suit your page.
  • Click the HTML code and copy it, now go back to your website post or page.
  • Click on "HTML" view, and paste the code.
  • Select where you want to place the video on your page.
  • Now you can preview it, and make sure everything looks good.

Now Google your Keyword to find your new Youtube Commercial.

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