WooCommerce Shopping Carts

If you’re looking to sell products on your website and need a simple e-commerce solution, WooCommerce could be for you. WooCommerce Shopping Carts is a simple e-commerce system for people who want to sell products on their website. Find out how it works and what we can help you decide what WooCommerce Shopping Cart you need for your business products. You want to make the shopping experience on your WooCommerce site as user-friendly as possible.

How Does WooCommerce Work? Very easily! WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, so if you’re already up and running with a WordPress website, it’s a straightforward process to install the WooCommerce plugin. The product catalogue, payment gateways, cart settings etc. are all managed from the WordPress admin area via an aesthetically pleasing and well laid out admin panel. Basic products can be manually setup within minutes, or there is also a CSV import option to quickly import your products. This option requires the use of an extension called ‘WooCommerce CVS Import Suite. Paypal is included and there are other payment gateway options available. Setting up Paypal can be done in minutes, without fuss.

Selling Products

WooCommerce handles physical, digital and virtual products:

  • Physical – anything in the real world from shoes to cameras.
  • Digital – media files of any type including audio, video, images etc. Want to start your own online record store, or sell your digital artwork???
  • Virtual – website pages. Perfect for membership sites selling premium on page content.

WooCommerce Marketing

Compared to other e-commerce solutions WooCommerce does come across a little light on in the marketing and promotions area, when compared to a CMS such as Magento. Some of the nice features are flash sales and coupons, customer reviews and automated cross-sell and up-sells. I’d expect marketing and promotions will be a key area that extension developers will focus on in the near future.

WooCommerce Shopping Carts